Artist book - "Conatus" - Juliana Bezerra de Mello
Artist book - "Conatus"
The term "conatus," explored by Spinoza refers to the instinctive desire to live, the innate desire to continue to exist and improve. Based on this concept, I realized some photographic-performative experiences. This book is the result of this research.It was produced during a workshop with Gilles Saussier on the theme of the artist's book .The idea was to use photographs taken during a performance conducted by myself and rework them to give it a different meaning than a simple register. The images of the action aren’t just a documentary evidence of this event anymore, but a new proposal of a performatic book that allows different layers of reading.
Self published
Year : 2015
Paper Olin 170g, tracing paper as cover 170g, inside tracing paper 90g
b&w laser printing
Mixed techniques (drawing, scanner, photography, sewing)
Dimension : 20cm x 13cm 15 pages
The book is part of the Château d'Eau Libery (Paris) collection, as well as of the Lisbon Municipal Libery and of the Brazilian photo collector Joaquim Paiva. It has participated in several artist's book exhibitions in Brazil, France and Portugal