Confronting the void - Juliana Bezerra de Mello
Confronting the void
The body appears here in a suspended unrest, highlighted by the indeterminacy of space, a hole that surrounds it. The dominant light on the body approaches however the nature of the black background. This low light also cooperates with the manifestation of the rhythm of gestures. It is in the play of contrasts that movements emerge. However dark it is, the brightness that emerges through the flesh is rather indicative of the void with which this body is confronted. Sometimes body movements are heading towards the abyss and sometimes retract, creating a pantomime of this meeting, this mutual penetration. The body here, as well as photography, needs the darkness or low light settings to exist. Besides, it is in absolute darkness that the body take shape at the start in the womb. They take shape and life in relation to this nothingness, this black horizon. The vacuum finally appears as the ultimate life force, as a place of projection, of revelation and creation, even though it remains a blind and frightening mirror. How the body is structured attests to this paradox: the allure both challenging and liberating.