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Cyanotype on glass
And after the Cyanotype Day at Lab Clube - http://, in Rio, we explored aynotype on glass!
Here, negative and positive on glass.

World Cyanotype Day
This year I've participated at the World Cyanotype Day at the Lab Clube - http:// in Rio de Janeiro.
For the event dedicated to this ancient photo technique we did some cyanos on fabric for the A Smith Gallery, Texas (EUA) exhibition. 

Photographing for Orquestra de Sopros Pro Arte - Rio, Brazil

1 month of immersion at Fotofestiwal Lodz, Poland
Besides the photodocumentation for the festival I was also in charge of feeding the Instagram account of the Art_Inkubator, a creative industries incubator where the festival office and main activities take place every year.
Take a look at their website :
And Instagram account :

1 moth of immersion at Fotofestiwal Lodz, Poland
After the framing work, the Brazilian team was divided in differents actions : photo documentation, video documentation ans the organization of the Portfolio Rewiew. I was then charged alogside other 2 photographers to do the photodocumentaion! Here is a little insight (for more images see the festival page :

1 month of immersion at Fotofestiwal Lodz, Poland.
Between May and June I went to work at Fotofestiwal Lodz. For the first weeks, alongside other professionals, I was charged of the 'framing' of the works to be exhibited. A very delicate and minimal work, which requires patience and attention to detail. Very happy with the result! See more about the festival at

Studio Lux (Lyon) one year exhibition!
See here the video from our 1st year anniversary exhibition!

Artist book 'Conatus' goes to Arles! The White Gloves Corner exhibition at 'leboudoir2.0', 'Rencontres d'Arles' 2016
'Conatus' will be together with others rare hand made books by Camilla Pongiglione, Florence Iscia Touarance, Laura Samama, Lea Habourdin, Nathalie Déposé, Sarah Palmiere and Zhen Shi. The photobook specialized shop L'Ascenceur Végétal will also be there.

leboudoi 2.0 is a project by Annakarin Quinto :

leboudoir2.0 2016 press realese :
The White Gloves Corner :

Artist book 'Conatus' goes to Rio! It participates at 'Feira Urca', a 'Foto Rio' 2016 festival event

Photobook 'Conatus' at « Rencontres Photographiques du 10e » 2015, Paris.


'Sans Titre' short listed at « Portifolio em Foco ». Paraty em Foco 2015, Brazil.

Festival :
Festival agenda :

Exhibition at Le Bleu du Ciel gallery, Lyon from June 24th to July 11th 2015, Lyon

Gallery :
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